CEPEI launched its first collaborative projects call in April 2020. We offered 5 PhD contracts (4 years duration) of the Spanish FPI of the Spanish Research Agency (2019 and 2020 calls associated to the Severo Ochoa (SO) project of the CBGP).

The collaborative projects have to be integrated in the CBGP SO Strategic plan and in the following areas where CBGP-IGDB-PSC agreed to focus on:

1) Plant Response to Biotic Stresses - TSP1
2) Plant Adaptation to Environmental Changes - TSP2
3) Empowering Plant Nutrition - TSP3
4) Computational/Systems Biology and Genomics - CsBGP

Call Expression of Interest (EoI) 2020 Closed

The CEPEI SO Expression of Interest (EoI) call was closed last May 4th 2020. The general bases for CEPEI-SO-EoIs application and evaluation, and the specific conditions for FPIs assignments are described here.

In this first CEPEI call, five projects have been granted to develop joint, collaborative initiatives between researchers from CBGP (UPM-INIA) located in Madrid (Spain) and IGDB based in Beijing and PSC operating from Shanghai (China).

The first 2 PhDs contracts started in October 2020 while 3 PhDs contracts are expected to start by July 2021.

Call Results

CEPEI will support five Spanish Research Agency four-year researcher (PhD student) training contracts funded by Severo Ochoa (SO) grants. The collaborative projects are part of the three different Transversal Scientific Programs (TSP1-TSP3) within the CBGP-SO Strategic Plan, and will be executed in close cooperation between researchers from CBGP, IGDB and PSC. The research projects titles and Principal Investigators are listed below:

Deciphering novel molecular mechanisms of Plant Immune Signalling regulation mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) [Area TSP1]

CBGP: Antonio Molina and Miguel Ángel Torres
IGDB: Jian-Min Zhou
PSC: Alberto Macho

Deciphering the role of CERES in response to light and photosynthesis [Area TSP1]

CBGP: María del Mar Castellano and Mark Wilkinson
PSC: Chanhong Kim

An integrative analysis of root adaptation to multi-variant environmental soil conditions [Area TSP1]

CBGP: Monica Pernas and Juan Carlos del Pozo
IGDB: Qi Xie
PSC: Mingguang Lei

Understanding 4D organ geometries under a dynamic environment
[Area TSP1]

CBGP: Krzysztof Wabnik and Mariano Perales
IGDB: Yuling Jiao and Jun Xiao

Hormonal coordination between plant growth and nutrients assimilation in response to temperature
[Area TSP3]

CBGP: Luis Oñate-Sánchez
IGDB: Xiangdong Fu
PSC: Chao-Feng Huang

Further information on the projects and Principal Investigators are published in the RESEARCH.