CBGP (UPM-INIA) Severo Ochoa Programme 2020

CEPEI launched its first collaborative projects call in April 2020. Five projects with associated five PhD contracts (4 years duration) have been granted (FPI of the Spanish Research Agency) to develop joint, collaborative initiatives between researchers from CBGP (UPM-INIA) located in Madrid (Spain) and IGDB based in Beijing and PSC operating from Shanghai (China).

The collaborative projects are integrated in the CBGP Severo Ohoa (SO) Strategic plan and targeted in the following CEPEI focus areas:
1) Plant Response to Biotic Stresses
2) Plant Adaptation to Environmental Changes
3) Empowering Plant Nutrition

The first 2 PhDs contracts started in October 2020 while 3 PhDs contracts are expected to start in July 2021