China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD Programme 2021-2022

The China Scholarship Council (CSC), affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China, supports Chinese citizens to study abroad and foreign citizens to study in China. It provides some doctoral opportunities at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) for Chinese CSC Scholars.
In this CSC-UPM collaboration framework, the CBGP feature a number of opportunities for PhD offering the following research lines associated to CEPEI projects and researchers:

Biotechnology and bioinformatics
Synthetic biology of plant signaling circuits (Krzysztof Wabnik)
Bioinformatics (Mark Wilkinson)

Interactions of plants with environment
Regulation of translation during abiotic stress conditions in plants (Mar Castellano)
Plant immunity mediated by cell wall derived glycans (Antonio Molina)

Plant development
Developmental study of root systems and their adaptation to soil and environmental factors: from model plants to crops (Mónica Pernas)
Regulation of lateral root development during nutrient deficiencies (Juan Carlos del Pozo)
Effect of climate change in root-associated microbiome and plant nutrition (Juan Carlos del Pozo)

Further information in the Sino-Spanish Campus (S-SC) website