PIMROS (Plant IMmunity Regulated by Reactive Oxygen Species)

Deciphering novel molecular mechanisms of Plant Immune Signalling regulation mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)


Activation of plant immune signalling and disease resistance imply the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), like H2O2, by NADPH oxidases (e.g. RBOHD). Fine-tuning production of ROS and the modulation of downstream signalling proteins by ROS are two understudied immunity mechanisms. In Arabidopsis ROS production is dependent on RBOHD, which is activated by phosphorylation by kinases, like BIK1. We have identified Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase 1 (MKP1) as a negative immunity regulator whose inactivation confers broad spectrum disease resistance. MKP1 might regulate RBOHD activity by dephosphorylation, contributing to balance ROS levels. Also, we have identified novel H2O2 (ROS) sensors and their downstream proteins targets, which regulate immunity through unknown mechanisms. In this project we aim to unravel these novel layers of immune signalling regulation, to determine the cross-interaction/regulation between MKP1 and ROS sensors/targets, and to explore the potential of this knowledge for improving crop disease resistance.







  • Jian-Min Zhou
    IGDB - Plant-microbe interactions
    Research Line: Plant innate immunity and resistance to bacterial pathogenesis