Dr. J.C. del Pozo is a well-recognized researcher in the field of root biology and nutrient deficiency responses. His work has contributed to the understanding of how lateral roots are specified and formed. Recently, his group provided new and interesting insights on how roots respond to phosphate deficiencies. In this research line, his lab engineered a novel device (D-Root) to cultivate plants in vitro to avoid the illumination of the root, stress that alters the normal responses. D-Root is being implemented in many laboratories worldwide. At present, he is also investigating the effect of root microbiota in plant adaptation to climate change and plant growth and nutrition. Through the 2016 to 2020 period, he has led 2 national, 1 international (MSCA) projects, and a public-private collaborative project. During his career, he has contributed with 52 SCI articles (48 in Q1), 15 of them during the 2016-2020 period. He is an active reviewer of several relevant journals and scientific evaluator of projects for Spanish, French, German, Dutch, USA and Israel Science organizations. He has supervise 5 PhD and mentored 2 Ramon and Cajal researchers and having been member of more than 30 Ph.D. evaluation committees. He was a Visiting Professor with a Full Bright fellowship in the University of California at San Diego (2017) and currently, he is the Scientific Deputy Director of CBGP (January 2016-present).